PCC TONIGHT – considering accounts and reports – for presentation to next month’s AGM. And wilderness – the place we’re headed out for (“led by the Spirit”) tomorrow. Untouched “wilderness” – or as some dictionary definitions have it – “a place not significantly interfered with, or overpowered by man”.

Accounts, reports, and the AGM are actually just undergirding, infrastructure, support for what the Church, and the people in it, are really created to be. But we sometimes show ourselves to be a bit too wrapped up and bothered with the infrastructure – and that’s why we’re headed for a time of reflection, a facing up, with Jesus, to the truth about ourselves; dust and ashes living in the hope of renewed life, of a resurrection.

One of Huub Oosterhuis’ prayers is a help to me …

Lord God,
your kingdom is here
hidden and close to us –
someone to care for
and people to live for.
Your will is done on earth
everywhere where people
live and die for each other.
We pray therefore
that we may gradually
accomplish this from day to day,
and thus come to know your name,
and find you,
our Father for ever.